Top 10 Highlights of Kerala Trip

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Kerala, known as "God's own Country" is majestically beautiful and serene place in India. There are many handsome and exquisite destinations people love to be there to spend relaxing days with the family and with the group of friends. The 10 highlights of Kerala, you must delve into once in a lifetime.

1) Glistening Backwaters

Backwaters in Kerala are stunningly scenery and an ultimate place to chill whilst tranquil.

2) Elegant Houseboats

The real fun and joy in God’s Own Country is in overnight stays in elegant houseboat imparting modern amenities and facilities like a star hotel.

3) Ayurvedic Treatments

Thump up Ayurveidc treatments in your Kerala trip and experience the full body rejuvenation amidst scenic views.

4) Taste-Bud-Tingling Cuisine

You won’t go hungry from the eateries and restaurants serving delicious range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, including authentic thali.

5) Wild Elephants

Viewing unknown wilds and wildlife of Periyarar slowly and steadily through the elephant safaris is an activity to must dare to indulge within.

6) Spice and Tea-Covered Hills

Spice and tea-covered hills like Munnar and Wayanad are the green pearl of Kerala. Hit all the time of the year to chill out and relax from the searching heat of the sun during summer.

7) Palm-Shaded Green

We all give shade to house in our childhood’s art assignment from the Palm Green. Now, you can live in that house in reality, having palm-shaded green in the backwater destinations in Kerala.

8) Temple Festivals

Magnificent architecture of the Kerala's temples adorned with gold and silver plated ornaments and the popular festivals like Arattu, Thrissur and Onam attract a large number of visitors.

9) Snake-boat races

One of the most popular attractions among the onlookers and tourists is Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Witnessing the sportive spirits of the participants is just an awesome experience.

10) European heritage

Kerala tour destinations are incomplete if we wouldn’t mention elaborate and exotic destinations still guarded the European heritage, including a 400-year-old synagogue, Portuguese houses, ancient mosques and the crumbling remains of the British Raj. 

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