The Best Places in Pune to Satiate Your Street Food Cravings

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Pune is one of modern India’s most planned cities, and there are plenty of places in the city where you can indulge your taste buds. While there is no lack of posh eateries in Pune, a visit to this city is incomplete if you do not relish the local food at some street joints. Make no mistake of missing out on these as Pune has some of the most scrumptious street food on offer.

For once, let your love for the fancy restaurants take a breather, as you revel in the best street foods in Pune at the following joints.

Bites Inc., Wanowrie

Food trucks have become quite popular in Pune, and Bites Inc. is at the forefront of the food truck movement in the city. Be it biryanis, kebabs, or tikkas, you can get them all at Bites Inc., and that too at incredibly cheap prices. The assorted kebab platter here is worth dying for, thanks in particular to the live barbeque, which is quite a treat to behold. Individual plates of kebabs cost just Rs. 100, while a biryani and kebab combo would set you back by only Rs. 150. Need any more reason to give Bites Inc. a try?

Buddha’s Food Palace, NIBM Road

Another frontrunner in the food truck movement, Buddha’s Food Palace is a delight for Thai food enthusiasts who want to eat out on a budget. The eatery proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune at an expensive restaurant to enjoy famous Thai recipes such as the Thai Red Curry and Thai Basil Chicken. The fact that the owners spent a lot of time growing up in Thailand only adds to the authenticity of the Thai dishes served here.

Bittoo’s Chicken, East Street

When done right, Chicken Tandoori is simply a tantalizing treat for the taste buds. However, a lot of Pune restaurants don’t get their Chicken Tandoori right. But there are no such worries when it comes to Bittoo’s Chicken on East Street. The roadside joint is an everyday affair that starts after 8 in the evening, and is frequented by Chicken Tandoori enthusiasts from all parts of the city. Take in the aroma of the roasted chicken, and you would be licking your lips at the thought of what it would taste like. The Malai Chicken Tikka is a crowd favourite too. Affordable prices and lip-smacking Chicken Tandoori; what more could a foodie want?

Narangi Baug Lane, Dhole Patil Road

Narangi Baug Lane becomes a home to some of the best street foods in Pune every evening after 7. But it is most famous for ‘Chacha’ and his delicious kebabs. Ask anyone about ‘Chacha’ here, and they would tell you what a legend the man is. His beef and chicken kebabs have been popular for over three decades, and the popularity isn’t about to die down anytime soon. What makes the kebabs even more appealing are the prices, which start at an incredibly cheap Rs. 60 per plate.

Craving for more? Stay tuned to updates at CityShor and gets to know the most lip-smacking dishes from local outlets.

Author Bio: The author is a foodie and has left no stone unturned in trying Pune’s wide variety of street food. His love for Maharashtra makes him go back to the city again and again for more. Experimentation is a key part of his process, as he hopes to discover many more of the best street foods in Pune and share it at CityShor even in the future.

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